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Our philosophy

As one of the leading child and adolescent rehabilitation centers, we owe our reputation to the lasting relationships we have developed over the years with our juvenile patients and their parents. We believe that all of our minor patients deserve the highest level of service and treatment and that is exactly what we provide.

Our philosophy is based on three pillars:



With the individual assessment and communication with the attending physician, you create a correct therapeutic program of rehabilitation that soon leads us to the desired result for your child.
A detailed and honest explanation to you as parents and your child always leads to a better understanding of the situation and an excellent cooperation. In several cases and for a faster result, collaboration with other specialties is necessary.

At the A.A.A. Kinisi & Pedi Center, we understand that the needs of a child/adolescent are multifaceted. Therefore, frequent communication with your parents is essential. Along with continuous support for you, the goal is the shortest possible result, in a safe and pleasant environment for your child. With scientific responsibility from the evaluation to the result.

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