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Therapeutic Approach

The therapeutic approach in infants, children, and adolescents is a unique area as they constantly develop.

Every therapist's goal is to educate and guide the child to function as closely as possible to normal movement. In addition, every therapist should promote motor functions and skills, enhance sensory development, support the musculoskeletal and cardiorespiratory systems, and prepare the child for adequate adaptation to the social environment (e.g., home, school, and physical activities).

The benefits of pediatric treatment are many, such as:

a) improved balance, gait, posture, body control, body awareness, visual-motor coordination, orientation, and daily skills; b) prevention of muscle contractions (tightness); c) increased range of motion in the joints; d) prevention and rehabilitation of injuries in young athletes.

To achieve the therapeutic Result for each child, the appropriate tests for evaluation should be used, which will lead us to create the individual treatment program. A frequent re-assessment is required since we can track what stage we are at concerning our initial goals. According to the re-assessment results, related changes will occur in the therapy program. Therefore, we achieve the Result as soon as possible; the rehabilitation of any problem/disease of each child.

Every child is unique, and their needs are different from any other child. Consequently, our treatment is tailored to the individual needs and personality of the child or adolescent.

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