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1. Unfortunately, scoliosis is constantly developing and evolving, especially in developing children. Scoliosis cannot be cured. At younger ages (8-11 years) where the degrees of scoliosis are less, it is easier to treat scoliosis with special exercises. In the second phase of development (between 11 and 14 years), scoliosis usually increases rapidly, creating more serious problems. So, our priority is to stop any progression and correct the scoliosis by reducing the lateral and spine curves as soon as possible.
2. Yes, it is likely to come from scoliosis. This pain is a muscle spasm due to the many musculoskeletal asymmetries created by scoliosis.
3. Scoliosis is usually associated with pain, but even in people without pain, heart, and lung function is compromised. According to the National Scoliosis Foundation of America, research has indicated that scoliosis is associated with reduced life expectancy due to the pressure on the heart and the reduced amount of oxygen supplied to the body. Scoliosis is associated with headaches, shortness of breath, digestive problems, and lower body pain.
4. Specific scoliosis exercises aim to reduce the curvature and turn the spine. Specific exercises are based on the Schroth method, and other methods are included depending on the type of scoliosis. They can be applied by trained therapists during their studies or later in special seminars. The international guidelines of SOSORT recommend special exercises in all stages of scoliosis, even in cases where the child must be accompanied by a guardian. A diagnosed child with idiopathic scoliosis cannot have this specialized therapeutic treatment in the gym because special training is required.
5. Unfortunately, with these two sports your child cannot have positive results and often negative ones. They cannot replace specific scoliosis exercises.
6. Although this opinion prevails, swimming does not help scoliosis, and no research has proven this. Twisting movements increase the twisting forces on the spine, which has the opposite effect.
7. Sports cannot replace specific exercises for scoliosis. However, children are encouraged to participate in most sports to benefit from the exercise and all the benefits of sports (e.g., teamwork, competitiveness, socialization). They don't have to stop training.
8. Some doctors do not believe in special Schroth exercises for scoliosis, and some refer to gyms or starting a sport. However, the effectiveness of special Schroth exercises has been proven in several studies by SOSORT. SOSORT is a scientific international community for scoliosis made up of orthopedists, orthotists, and therapists specialized in scoliosis. Therefore, all specialists dealing with scoliosis follow SOSORT international guidelines, which are updated accordingly.
9. The attending physician decides whether to apply a brace based on the Cobb angle on the radiograph and other parameters.
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